Posted: March 7th, 2023

Briefly describe an organization that you are/have been involved in Evaluate the culture of the organization

I am currently a member of the student-run organization, Student Government (SG). SG is responsible for advocating on behalf of students and representing their interests to the administration. This includes speaking up against university policies when necessary and providing feedback on topics such as campus safety or housing options. The organization is also tasked with organizing events, facilitating communication between students and faculty/staff, and providing resources for academic success.

Briefly describe an organization that you are/have been involved in Evaluate the culture of the organization

The culture of SG is highly collaborative. Everyone works together to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and respected. We have regular meetings where we discuss issues affecting our campus community and come up with ideas for how we can make improvements. Additionally , its essential bear mind when evaluating culture need take into account different experiences backgrounds each individual concerned order gain better insight into why certain things happen not just what !

Moreover it not uncommon find lot members working hard behind scenes order create more equitable society benefit everyone involved . Furthermore , another important aspect involves looking at how structure organisation works thus whilst lot times there might appear be divisional hierarchy goes long way ensuring equality among participants same . Finally though matter fact whilst assessing describing culture can involve complex process goes long help create memorable engaging unforgettable experience everyone concerned!

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