Posted: March 8th, 2023

Select a peer-reviewed journal article whose topic is relevant to this course (abnormal psychology)

One peer-reviewed journal article that is relevant to this course is “The Role of Gender in the Development, Course and Outcome of Anxiety Disorders” by Johnathan Hofberg and Josh Roffman, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. The authors focus on how gender affects the development, course and outcome of anxiety disorders throughout adolescence and adulthood.

Select a peer-reviewed journal article whose topic is relevant to this course (abnormal psychology)

The article begins with a discussion about the current literature surrounding gender differences in anxiety disorders. This includes a review of studies involving both adults and adolescents which have identified various significant differences between genders regarding prevalence, symptom presentation, onset age , risk factors et cetera . It then goes deeper into these findings analyzing them further uncovering more nuanced distinctions between male female experiences when it comes disorder symptoms phenomenology course prognosis treatment response changes taking place during transition from childhood adulthood finally identifying any gaps research needs be addressed future investigations same topic .

The authors conclude that although some similarities remain unchanged across genders there are also many differences found within existing body evidence indicating need take account such disparities when assessing diagnosing treating individuals presenting with signs symptoms indicative presence one form another . Additionally clear patterns emerge when it comes risk factors contributing development onset exacerbation severity condition including but not limited socioeconomic status family structure relationships life events trauma history etcetera . These results suggest should look beyond obvious biological influences social ecological context person lifetime consider potential psychological biological explanations illness order better understand implications understanding has clinical practice.

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