Posted: March 8th, 2023

Would you look externally or internally, and how would this look? Where and how would you recruit your applicants?

When recruiting applicants for any position, it is important to consider both external and internal sources. Internal recruitment should always be the first option when looking for new hires since it offers a number of advantages such as cost savings, access to a potentially larger pool of qualified candidates, and the chance to promote from within. This approach also allows current employees to gain more responsibility and can help strengthen organization morale. However, there may be times when tapping into the external job market is necessary in order to find highly specialized positions or fill skill gaps that cannot be found internally.

Would you look externally or internally, and how would this look? Where and how would you recruit your applicants?

Recruiting externally requires an effective strategy in order to identify qualified candidates who match the desired criteria for the role. The most common methods include advertising open positions on job boards/online job sites (such as Indeed or Glassdoor), networking events or career fairs, college/university recruiting initiatives, and referrals from past colleagues or industry contacts (Bohlander & Snell 2019). To ensure success with these strategies employers must make sure they have developed clear job descriptions that accurately reflect duties along with minimum qualifications needed for applicants.

In addition, some organizations may opt for using third-party recruiters who specialize in identifying top talent in their specific field of expertise. This approach can save time since employers are not responsible for searching through stacks of resumes but rather they will receive a shortlist of potential candidates already screened by professional recruiters (Aamodt 2017). It is important that these services are utilized properly in order ensure quality leads which usually involves providing detailed information about the type of candidate being sought after as well as compensation ranges associated with each available position.

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