Posted: March 20th, 2023

The social institution that interests me the most would be medicine. Medicine has changed drastically, and is a never ending chase to find more and more cures for illnesses and diseases. Acc

management discussion question

SOCY 100
1. Nicholas Chisler
The social institution that interests me the most would be medicine. Medicine has changed drastically, and is a never ending chase to find more and more cures for illnesses and diseases. According to the functionalist perspective, health is vital to the stabilization of society and that sickness is a sanctioned form of deviance. (UMGC, n.d., Medicine as a Social Institution) The thought process behind this perspective is that the sick should not be scorned for being sick and it should be known that it is not their fault for becoming sick. also, these sick people should not be required to function in society as normal as long as a physician says so. Its thought that the sick actually weakens society if they are out and about.
Secondly, According to the Pew Research Center, 86 percent of humans believed that COVID-19 was sent from god and that we could all learn a lesson from the virus. I firmly believe that this was just another variation of the flu. Others stated that this was all to hide something else that was going on. The elderly it seems was the ones who stated this the most. With the functionalist perspective, these sick people would be bad for society because this virus was killing people all across the world. Also, thankfully to the doctors and the government, people were told by their physicians to stay home and away from human contact if you had symptoms.
Rubenstein, S. (2022, April 1). What lessons do Americans see for humanity in the pandemic? Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project. Retrieved February 26, 2023, from
University of Maryland Global Campus. (n.d.). Week 7. Education, work, and the economy. Document posted in UMGC SOCY 100 online classroom, archived at
2.Crystal Jones
Part 1
The social institution that I chose was family and out of the three main sociological perspective I chose functionalism. When it comes to the question of the purpose of the family in society, functionalists support the idea that families are significant social institutions and that they play an essential part in maintaining social order. (UMGC, n.d., Family as a Social Institution) This is something I believe to be true due to the fact that I think the way a person is raised in their family has an effect on the behaviors that person exhibits as an adult. As a result, the acts that an individual does, regardless of whether they are positive or negative, have an impact on the contributions that individual makes to society, such as acts of philanthropy or criminality. Another thing that immediately comes to mind is how drastically the functionalist movement has evolved over the past half-century. When we look at the gender roles that existed fifty years ago, we see that the men were the ones who went out to work in order to provide financial stability for the family, and the women were the ones who stayed at home in order to care for the children and the various needs of the house in order to maintain a harmonious environment. Now, not only the men but also the women are out working to provide financial security, and unfortunately, this leaves the children to be nurtured by the educational system as well as social media. Well, in my opinion, things are more unbalanced today. Because of this, it is possible that this will occasionally produce a detrimental impact on society as a result of the behaviors that children may adopt as a result of not receiving attention from their parents. According to an article published by Wow Parenting, some of the drawbacks of both parents being employed are that their children have a greater risk of developing negative behaviors as a result of being subjected to the influence of their peers, such as starting to smoke or even experiment with illegal drugs, and that they are deprived of the necessary support and supervision, which can lead to feelings of depression. (Wow Parenting, 2019) Because of this, it has the potential to have an effect on the society through the actions of children as they reach adults.
University of Maryland Global Campus. (n.d.). Week 7. Education, work, and the economy. Document posted in UMGC SOCY 100 online classroom, archived at
Wow Parenting. (2019, May 28). Psychological and behavioral effects of both parents working on child. WOW Parenting.
Part 2
Indians tend to favor men over women at home. Almost two-thirds of Indians agree that a wife should always obey her husband. About the same number of less Indian men and women agree that wives should always obey their husbands. 62% of adults in India think that both men and women should be responsible for taking care of children. Traditional gender roles are still strong, though. For example, 34% of adults say that women should take care of children more than men. In Indian culture, sons have always been more important than daughters. Sons who are adults often live with their parents and help pay the bills. When girls get married, their parents might give them a dowry, and they often live with and help out the parents of their husbands. In recent years, Indian society has put more effort into making daughters more important. One example is the government’s Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao program, which aims to stop sex-selective practices during pregnancy and give girls the chance to go to school.
This article taught me that, in terms of gender roles, American and Indian civilizations are quite similar. The bulk of Indian culture still favors a male figure of leadership over a female, although there have been certain developments that now let women to hold political office. This is another thing I’ve learned from this article. The article also demonstrates how women are increasingly taking on the role of primary child-rearing, in contrast to American culture, where fathers occasionally take on this role while mothers provide the family with financial security. The fact that they claim Indian society places a larger priority on boys than daughters lends some support to my theoretical theory that I offered in part one. And because that is ingrained in the kids from a young age, as they become older, the ramifications of that treatment have an impact on how they behave in this society.
FINC 331
1. Christine Robinson
It is important for firms/businesses to minimize the time it takes to collect cash items. Some motives businesses to hold onto cash include transactions (purchasing raw materials and for operating procedures), precautionary (to anticipate future expenses like floods, strikes, increase cost of materials), speculative (to take advantage of opportunities), and compensating (to compensate banks for providing services and loans) (Chitkara, n.d.).
One way that firms can minimize time for cash collection are to establish collection centers and lock box systems. Organizations will need to do as much as they can to avoid the time gap between mailing of payments to the availability of cash in the bank, check delays due to using sending through the mail, and the processing time it takes for checks to be deposited and cleared. Costs of implementing a system to minimize time include cost of the collection system and managing that system (Chitkara, n.d.).
We worry about this as individuals as well. For instance, if someone lets their friend borrow $300 but that individual needs to money paid back promptly. They may need that money paid back in the next week to account for rent, emergencies, or an upcoming event. If the friend is late paying them back, it could cost them.
Capital structure decisions do impact the control of a firm. Considerations of working capital management decisions should be cash flow/liquidity, and profitability to return on capital. They will need to base decision making on the short term to consider current assets and current liabilities. Companies will need to carefully consider the maturity of liabilities and life expectancy of assets.
Pro-forma financial statements are forecasts based on income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements (Kenton, 2021). Sales can be used to develop pro forma financial statements by using past information to project future sales numbers after an important decision or transaction has been made.

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