Posted: March 20th, 2023

WeeK 5 Discrimination The Earnings Differentials and Discrimination

William Woods WK5 Discrimination The Earnings Differentials and Discrimination
1- Choose one article to summarize. Your paper should include all information necessary for the instructor to find the article, and it should include an outline or summary of the main points that the author is submitting. The summary should be a Word document that is at least two pages in length, TNR, 12 point font. The topic below: Discrimination- The Earnings Differentials and Discrimination.
2- Post based on the following forum discussion question. Forum posts must be at least 350 words and include one citation from an external source other than your textbook. Do you believe the steps taken in 1983 to correct the problems with Social Security were adequate? Why or why not? Plagiarism Free Papers

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