Posted: March 21st, 2023

1. How could NASA benefit from the implementation of systems

How could NASA benefit from the implementation of systems thinking within the organization?
2. Give an example of the application of general heuristics during the process of changing/defending organizational culture
3. Types of biases that impacted your decision; for example: overconfidence, escalation of commitment, etc. Support your response with examples.
– Analyze how the availability heuristic impacted your decision.
– Did you attempt to validate information used in the decision making? If the answer is yes, discuss how. If the answer is no, recommend strategies to validate information.
4. Using the information provided in this case study and your own research, draw a decision tree for the F-35 program starting from 2010, just before the decision to buy the C variant.
5. Using the decision tree you have produced, discuss what you believe to be the best course of action.
6. Recall a situation where you were in a position to make a critical decision that may have impact on other people, the community, or the environment.
-Discuss the ethical considerations that you examined in making the decision, including perception of fairness and unbounded ethicality.
-Analyze how you would improve the decision made based on the approaches presented in this unit. Plagiarism Free Papers

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