Posted: March 21st, 2023

I am very excited to begin my doctoral degree in Public Policy with a cognate in National Security Policy. I believe this will give me a great chance to continue building on my undergradua

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Robert Bishop
YesterdayJan 18 at 12:53pm
I am very excited to begin my doctoral degree in Public Policy with a cognate in National Security Policy. I believe this will give me a great chance to continue building on my undergraduate and graduate experience. During my time at Coastal Carolina University studying intelligence and national security, I focused on the future of national security as it relates to space. I then continued down a similar path while working on my masters in global security at Arizona State University. I slightly shifted my focus to the international law and treaties that govern the military use of space. While I am just beginning my journey here at Liberty, my intentions are to further build on this topic with an emphasis on non-nuclear space weapons systems. In the last few years the DOD has begin to shift more focus onto the space domain and I believe every major power will be forced to build a military space program in order to stay competitive in an ever evolving warfare ecosystem. “The DOD is building comprehensive military advantages in space; integrating space into national joint and combined operations; shaping the strategic environment to enhance domain stability and reduce the potential for miscalculation; and enhancing space cooperation with its international partners, commercial entities and agency partners.” (Cronk, 2021) This is an issue I would love to work on and I strongly believe a doctoral degree from liberty will give me the best tools to do so. Part of this is the Christian lens in which liberty will allow me to view the subject. I hope to see the good in world despite all the gloom and negativity that tends to be associated with national security and war. I think seeing the world positively despite what it is going on is crucial to remaining unbiased and doing the best job I can do, no matter what career I end up in. This is something I hope to become better at during my time at my first non-state university. One final thing that has motivated to return to school for a Ph.D is the increased opportunities and hopefully compensation that it will provide for me. I was actually planning on being done with school after my fishing my masters over the summer but I have since realized that most of the jobs I really am interested in require the highest level of education in order to be competitive and be taken seriously in the field. While I wrote a thesis for both my bachelors and masters, I am both excited and nervous to write and defend a dissertation to complete my work here at liberty. While it’s still a long ways off, the possibility of working towards publication is also exciting. (, 2022)
Cronk, T. (n.d.). Space-based capabilities critical to U.S. National Security, DOD officials say. U.S. Department of Defense. Retrieved January 18, 2023, from… Links to an external site.capabilities-critical-to-us-national-security-dod-officials-say/
Doctoral degrees: Ph.D. – D.O. – J.D. – DNP: Liberty University. Liberty University Residential. (2022, September 22). Retrieved January 18, 2023, from…
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