Posted: March 22nd, 2023

Business Ethics and Conducts – College Pal

Fraud resulted from violations of Business Ethics and Conducts
KPMG Paying $50 Million Penalty for Illicit Use of PCAOB Data and Cheating on Training Exams

. You can write a tad longer as long as you analyze the case effectively. However, I would like to write concisely.
1) Read that case thoroughly and use your own words to write a discussion about that fraud case:
a) Write one-paragraph SUMMARY of the case. The summary should state, in your own words, the main issues of the case and the key facts. A summary is not a re-typing of all or part of the case / the article.
b) Write two to four paragraphs about the relevance of the case to the study of fraud. This is the step where you ANALYZE that case. Consider the following:
o Identify the key issues
o Identify the type of fraud you believe this case presents
o Define that specific type of fraud in your own words, and support your definition with the course’ weekly reading materials
o List the case’s applicable stakeholders, their rights and obligations
o Which choices were available to the individuals involved and what was the cost or trade-off?
o Comment on how the situation was resolved versus how it should be resolved
o Who (individual or group) was impacted or will be impacted by the situation
o Point out any further questions that you believe your readers may consider. Doing so will add substance to your learning.
o Write the next paragraph to express a logical argument about the case and the fraud issues it presents. Support the discussion with knowledge learned from our course’ materials. Remember the discussion should be focused on the case’s issues and not how the author wrote the article.
2) Be certain to comment on controls and aspects of the circumstances surrounding the fraud, and how such controls can be changed to detect and deter future frauds of similar nature. Make recommendations for future prevention, detection, and/or deterrence of this type of fraud. Your recommendation must relate to the class’s readings. Support your recommendation with knowledge from this course’s reading materials.
3) Do not copy and paste any words and sentences from sources or from any articles to your paper. That would be plagiarism. Verify that all of your writing is in your own words. If you use or borrow ideas or thoughts from the article or from any other sources, make sure you have in-text citations following APA rules. Since you submit this report in an academic setting, it should be written in prose and not in an outline format or as a bullet point list. The paper should be singled-spaced, with a blank line between the paragraphs. The first line of each paragraph should be indented.
4) Proofread and revise any spelling, grammar errors. Check your writing once again to make sure you did not accidentally plagiarize any sources. Make sure you have in-text citations and the list of references at the end of the report. Please refer to APA rules for citations and references.

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