Posted: March 22nd, 2023

Choose one ethical issue – College Pal

Answer the following three questions. Devote 500 or so words to each for a total of
1500 words.
1. Choose one ethical issue from the following list: abortion, euthanasia, capital
punishment, drug legalization, eating meat, and torture. Once you’ve chosen, give
me one good reason for being in favor of it (or in favor of permitting it in society) and
one good reason for being against it. Ultimately, which side—pro or con—makes the
strongest case in your view?
2. When we think about the concept of the good life, which of the two options is more
significant for being able to attain it: (1) inward happiness or (2) outward
significance? In other words, feeling good inside or making a difference in the world.
Which do you think is more constitutive of the good life? And why?
3. Out of the four configurations for how society can be that I’ve put up, I want you to
tell me which is your preferred one, and why? Why did you bypass the other
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