Posted: March 22nd, 2023

Fraud resulted from violations of business ethics and conduct

please add 5 powerpoint for
power Point Presentation for order 6900 and 6925 FRAUD RESULTED FORM VIOLATION OF BUSINESS ETHICS AND CONDUCTS
Utilizing the case you created in the Case Presentation (Fraud resulting from violations of business ethics and conducts order 6900 and 6925 ) as a background, develop a slide show to present to how to apply one component from the COSO framework to that fraud case. Identify the component you selected, how you related that component to an effective system of controls. I will be interested in why you selected that component, so you explanation should be logical. For example, why you think this component is of particular value to an overall system? Are there any particular concerns in applying this particular component? Etc.
. Most successful slide shows include bullet lists with the key points that would be discussed as if you presented your case before a live audience.
Slide shows are not a place for a copy and paste of the words from your narrative submissions. Also, most of us have been to a presentation and heard the presenter refer to one of the slides as “sort of like an eyesore,” because the text is too small to see and to read. Therefore, you should summarize on your slides, rather than including long text. A very good slide show should be suitable for you to stand up and present to an audience. Include in the Note section of each slide a narrative description, i.e. a transcript, of the content you would stand up and speak about. The content in the Note section should not be in bullet-point format; it should be written in prose. This content must also be correspondent to the summary you input on the face of the slide.
If some content in the slides is based on a published source, a citation and reference list using APA formatting would be appropriate. That includes a reference list at the end of the slideshow and small citations by the content supported by a reference. For example, you might refer to the Fraud Triangle or an aspect of the COSO Framework in supporting your points. A reference to those would be appropriate.
For this assignment, select one Component of Internal Control discussed in the framework:
• Control Environment
• Risk Assessment
• Control Activities
• Information and Communication
• Monitoring Activities Plagiarism Free Papers

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