Posted: March 23rd, 2023

Complete a VRIO Analysis for Starbucks

Complete a VRIO Analysis for Starbucks.  Remember you must include ALL of the key competencies for Starbucks not just one!
How did Starbucks create its uniqueness in the first place? Why was it so successful?
To be a source of competitive advantage over time, core competencies need to continuously be honed and upgraded. Why and how did Starbucks lose its uniqueness and struggle in the mid-2000s?
What strategic initiatives did Howard Schultz put in place to re-create Starbucks uniqueness after his return in 2008? Detail each strategic initiative, and explain why a specific strategic initiative was successful, if so.
What makes Schultz a great strategic leader?  Make sure  to discuss using the models we have discussed in class.
How is Starbucks trying to grow in the future? Do you think it will continue to be so successful? Why or why not?
Note: Each answer should be fully grounded in course concepts with appropriate citations and references.  Simply stating opinion is insufficient.

make sure read the attached file, and write the answers based on the PDF.

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