Posted: March 23rd, 2023


This is your third case study evaluation. For purposes of this case study evaluation you must use the facts and background information provided in the case study of New Protocol: How Drugs Rebirth as Treatment for Cancer Fueled Price Rises on page 151 of your textbook.

You are a Public Relations Department employee of Celgene Corp., and you have been asked by the company to address the public outcry regarding the current price of its thalidomide pill. You must prepare a two-page type-written report in which you discuss what you believe are the companys ethical responsibilities in this case. Address whether (in your opinion) the company is abiding by its ethical responsibilities and whether the main concern should be the public benefit or the financial health of the company. Make sure to include in your discussions the ethical positions advocated by John Locke, and Andrew Carnegie in their respective articles found in Chapter 4 of the textbook and how they apply to this case study.

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