Posted: March 23rd, 2023

Pretend you are an economist

Pretend you are an economist testifying before newly-elected congressional representatives. Some of these new representatives havent taken an economics course in a long, long time (if at all). You are charged with advocating an appropriate course of action for future governmental actions/policies that will impact the air transportation industry.
For this activity, you may want to incorporate information from your case study submitted in Module 4. Most regions, states, and communities have completed studies on the economic impact of aviation. A search of the Internet will help you find such reports.

the outline may include economic impacts on the industry itself, the surrounding regional economy, costs, and benefits analysis, public/private partnerships, funding of initiatives, externalities, and spillovers. Consider funding for your proposal. Will these be financed with government bonds, user fees, or private funding for ownership?
the goal of the outline is to educate your audience in short impactful statements. Speak to them as if the entire country’s population is their constituency rather than key regions or states. They need to understand the impacts of their future actions on the industry. Remember, these representatives need to know what is important and what the results of their actions are because they are up for re-election in two to six years. Doing something that negatively impacts the ATI or inadvertently spills over to their region’s economy is not something they want to fall victim to.

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